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Fundy National Park Tides & Coastline More Attractions
Sea Kayaking Golfing
Trails Distance Time Habitat
Easy trails
Caribou Plain 0.5 km loop 60-90 mins F W
Shiphaven 0.5 km 15 mins F C
Moderate trails
Coppermine 4.4 km loop 1.5-2 hrs F C
Dickson Falls 1.5 km loop 30 mins F B
Dobson Link 2.6 km 60-90 mins F
East Branch 5.6 km loop 2-2.5 hrs F
Herring Cove 1 km loop 40 mins C
Kinnie Brook 1.4 km 45 mins F
Laverty Falls 2.5 km 60-90 mins F R
Maple Grove 4.0 km 1.5-2 hrs F
Matthews Head 4.5 km loop 1.5-2 hrs F C
Point Wolfe B. 0.6 km 20 mins F C
Tracey Lake 7.0 km 2.5 hrs F W
Difficult trails
Coastal 10.1 km 4-5 hrs F C
Goose River 7.9 km 2.5-3 hrs F C
Marven Lake 8.0 km 2.5-3 hrs F W
Moosehorn 4.8 km 2 hrs F R
The Forks 3.4 km 1.5-2 hrs F R
Third Vault Falls 3.7 km 1.5-2 hrs F B
Tippen Lot 4.2 km 2.5 hrs F W
Upper Salmon R. 8.8 km 3.5-4 hrs F R
Whitetail 3.2 km 60-90 mins F
Strenous trails
Bennett Brook 7.7 km 2.5-3 hrs F R
Black Hole 5.5 km 2 hrs F R
Foster Brook 4.4 km 2.5-3 hrs F R
Networks in the park
Fundy Chircuit 48 km 3-5 days F W C R
Trails outside the park
Dobson Trail 58.3 km - F W C R
Fundy Footpath 41 km - F W C R
Trails that are not specified loops show times for one way, please keep into account the return is not included in the time estimations shown above.
F = Forest
W = Wetlands
C = Coastal
R = River

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